These Pachutas from around the world have contacted The Pachuta Page.

Read their words by clicking on the Message icons and see if you can make a "connection." Email them by clicking on their names.



Andrzej Pachuta, Poland - Andrzej teaches at the University of Warsaw. He may be a distant relative.


Janusz Pachuta, Poland - Janusz is Andrzej's cousin and a teacher in Radomsko.


Kamil Pachuta, Poland - Kamil is Andrzej Pachuta's son. He is studying at the Warsaw School of Economics.


Katarzyna Pachuta, Poland - Katarzyna lives in Bochnia. Her mother, Teresa, is a medical doctor and her father, Ryszard, is an engineer.

Agnieszka Pachuta, Poland - Agnieszka is 14 years old and the niece of Andrzej Pachuta.


Maria Pacutova, Slovakia - Maria lives in Davidov and is looking for relatives of her father's brother, Augustine. Maria has been sent information about the Pachutas on this site who had relatives in Trenton.


Mike Pacuta, Canada - Mike's grandparents arrived in Canada from Poland in 1948.


Szilvia Pacsuta, Hungary - Szilvia is from Miskolc where many Pacsutas live.


Mikulas Mihalisin, Slovakia - Mikulas lives in Vranov and is a relative of the Bartkos.