Szilvia Pacsuta
Pachuta Data Form completed on February 4, 2003
Updated January 22, 2008
Name:       Szilvia Pacsuta

Address:    Hungary


Can trace back heritage to 1901 - 1920
Contact:    Yes
Born:         Miskolc, Hungary  -  August 24, 1975

My grandfather was István Pacsuta, he lived in Monok (Hungary). This is a small village in eastern Hungary where many-many Pacsuta families live.

Children:  My
name is Szilvia Pacsuta, my son, Tamás is 10 years old, my daughter, Tamara is 2. We are living in Miskolc, I'm working for IBM, I'm the teamleader of a small IT helpdesk. I speak Hungarian, German, French and English.

Relatives: My Pacsuta relatives are living in Budapest, Miskolc and Szerencs.

To find other Pacsuta's in Hungary, I suggest to visit the homepage of the Hungarian telephone company and do a search. -->  In the ICQ database I've found more relatives in Canada and in USA.

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Email Szilvia


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