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Czech Republic

Many Slavic surnames originated as personal first names. In most cases they were the parental names of male ancestors. 

Our family name, Pachuta, probably evolved from "Pach," which is a derivative of "Pawel," coming from the Latin "Paulus," for the apostle Paul. In Poland, this could have been the name "Pakoslaw."

Variations include Pacir, Paciurka, Pacholka,  and Pachylka, among others. The Hungarian version of Pachuta is Pacsuta. 

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. . . Am trying to learn more about my Polish ancestry and have no living relatives (except younger siblings). My mothers maiden name was Pahucki . . .

Pahucki is probably a variant spelling of Pachucki -- in Polish ch and h are pronounced the same, so we often see names spelled either way. Polish surname expert Kazimierz Rymut says names beginning with Pach- can come from the term pacha, "armpit," or from nicknames for once popular first names such as Pakosl~aw and Pawel~ (= Paul; Pakosl~aw has no English equivalent). Poles often formed nicknames or short forms of names by taking the first couple of sounds, chopping off everything else, and then adding suffixes. 

Thus there is a name Pachuta seen in records as far back as 1451, and it probably originated that way: pa- + ch- + uta. Pachucki looks like and probably is an adjectival form of that name, meaning basically "kin of Pachuta, folks who came from Pachuta's place," something like that. 

It's a moderately common surname, as of 1990 there were 1,067 Poles named Pachucki, living all over the country, with the largest numbers living in the provinces of Warsaw (88), Biala Podlaska (80), Lomza (144), and Suwalki (328). This suggests a concentration in northeastern Poland (Lomza and Suwalki provinces).

Frequently, this site receives inquiries from other Pachutas who are searching for their roots and long-lost relatives. 

To help put the pieces of the Pachuta puzzle together, this page will be updated regularly with information received from Pachutas around the world.

Jack Pachuta


  Pachutas and Pachuta relatives from these states and   nations have been in contact with me via the Internet. 

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The Rusyn Link in Our Heritage

Additional Interesting Information

Most Americans of Eastern European descent can trace their ancestors to Ellis Island between the years of 1880 and 1920. If you haven't been to the Ellis Island website, you'll enjoy the wealth of information available to you there. Just click on the banner below. 

These Pachutas have found relatives here:

Darcy Pachuta (Pennsylvania) found her father on this site.

Vicki Marie Pachuta (Indiana) is the daughter of Raymond T. Pachuta, Sr.'s (Ohio) half-brother, Ernie.

Mary Susan Pachuta (Kansas) and Rose Mariniak Mulville (Virginia) are first cousins.

Rich Pachuta (New Jersey), Paul D. Pachuta (New York) and I (Wisconsin) have the same great-grandparents .

John Pachuta (Arizona) is a descendant of my grandfather's cousin.

Craig Blasko and Ed Gavala (Ohio) are first cousins. Our great-grandmothers (both named Anna Tkacova) were sisters.

Carol Slocum's (New Jersey) husband, Tom Pachuta, is Maria Pachutova's (Davidov, Slovakia) first cousin.

Joseph Kolasky's (Alabama) great-grandfather was my grandmother's brother.


For Ohio Pachutas . . .

This information was found on the site Searching in Slovakia. It refers to the region surrounding the cities of Upper and Lower Slovinky.  Since I was born within 15 miles of all three of the Ohio cities mentioned, I feel as if I have found some of my "roots."

From 1880 to 1900 nearly 40% of the male population of Slovinky emigrated to the USA and settled in and around three towns in Guernsey County Ohio to work in the newly opened coal mines. The towns were Pleasant City, Byesville and Trail Run.

The exodus, impact and aftermath of that massive migration is chronicled in a 603-page book by Dr. Lorle Porter, Professor of Medieval History at Muskingum College. The book has an extensive surname index listing families for which information was provided by respondents to Dr Porter's research. The book is illustrated by pertinent maps and many photographs.

This book, The Immigrant Cocoon: Central Europeans in the Cambridge, Ohio Coalfield, can be obtained from:

I've purchased a copy of the book and found several references to the Pachuta family, including a photograph of my grandparents in front of the Black Top Pool Hall.

If you are a Slovak Pachuta . . .

Approximately 60% of the Slovaks who entered the United States settled in Pennsylvania. Four other states also have large concentrations of Slovaks: Ohio, Indiana, New York and New Jersey. As of the 2000 census, 5.4 million people live in Slovakia and about 2 million Americans claim Slovak ancestry, including former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura, whose real surname is "Janus."

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Yes, there is a Pachuta, Mississippi
but it's Native American, not Eastern European

My father once showed me a press clipping with the dateline "Pachuta, Mississippi." So, while driving between New Orleans and Birmingham a couple of years ago, I was not surprised to see a sign on I-59 that said, "Next Exit, Pachuta." Of course, I had to stop.

To the groans of my daughters, I had my photo taken in front of the Pachuta water tower, the Pachuta Museum, the Pachuta Post Office, etc., etc. I'll look up those photos and put a couple of them on this page.

That Pachuta name is derived from a Native American tribe, but it's still a real kick to see a sign that says "The Bank of Pachuta."




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