Janusz Pachuta
Pachuta Data Form completed on November 11, 2000
Name:       Janusz Pachuta
Spouse:     Dorota

Address:    ul. Sokola 3/10, 97-500 Radomsko, Poland
Phone:      (0048) 446830863

Email:       pachuta@kki.net.pl

Can trace back heritage to 1841 - 1880
Contact:    Yes
Born:         Radomsko  -  October 3, 1953

Parents:  My parents are Jan (1910-1972) and Franciszka (born 1920). My grandparents are Jan (born in Bochnia, Poland 188?-1961) and Anna(1890-1922). My great grandparents are Franciszek and Katarzyna

Children: Piotr (15), Wojciech (11), Katarzyna (4)

Email from Janusz Pachuta on November 11, 2000
Hello Jack!

My name is Janusz Pachuta, I live in Radomsko, little town in Poland (population 50,000). I know about You from my cousin Andrzej Pachuta. My grandfather Jan and Andrzej's grandfather were brothers. Andrzej sent You information about older ancestors. I'll give You some information about my family. My wife Dorota is 41 years old, she works in cultural institution. I'm 47 years old and I work in middle school as math teacher. We have 3 children: Piotr (15), Wojciech (11), Katarzyna (4). In Radomsko live my mum Franciszka (80) and my sister Anna (48). She's a teacher too.

Best regards

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Email Janusz


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