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Dzien dobry Panie Jacku Thanks for your letter.

My all family is from Bochnia (near Krakow). Father of my greatgrandfather went to Ostrava (Czech) from Bochnia in 1846 (insurrection time). His son Wojciech returned to Bochnia, but part of the family stand in Czech. My grandfather and father was born in Bochnia. Since 1957 my family live in Warsaw. I am teacher. I am working in Warsaw University of Technology- fakulty of Geodesy and Cartography. My wife is biologist - she works in Agriculture Academy. I was born in 1953. 1 have son Kamil (17) and daughther Helena (15) and black cat.

Perhaps my family and your family have common roots!? Zycze sukcesow w pracy i zyciu osobistm

Andrzej Pachuta


Email from Andrzej Pachuta
Dear Jack!

Thank you for your letter. I'm working at the University and I must from time to time make the scientitc job i.e.geodetic measurements in the field. Last week I was in south part of Poland in small town named Grybow with my colleagues from the Institute. We did geodetic, gra,@4met@cal and satellite measurements to by joust for geoid determination.

'Thank you for information about Pachutas in the USA. I would like write something about my family.

My father Stanislaw was bom in 1923 in Bochnia. He was a professor in the Military Academy of Technology in Warsaw. My father worked in Faculty Geodesy like me. He was a constructor the first laser instruments for geodetical measurements.

I was brn in 1953 in Cieplice (South-west Poland). Since 1958 all my family lives in Warsaw. I graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology in 1976. Since then I'm working at the Institute of Geodesy and Geodetic Astronomy of this University. I have made my doctor work in 1985 in range of geodetic astronomy.

I like traveling, tinker. I was in 1978-79 in the first Polish scientitc who took part in Antarctic Expedition to the Dobrowolski Station in Bunger Oasis. There I made gravimetric and geodetic measurements for determination of glacier movements. In 1988 I was the leader the Polish Expedition to Spitsbergen Island. We have made the geodetic observations for geodynamical research.

I have two brothers. Mark is my twin brother. He is a mechanic. My younger brother Wojtek was my student and he is working in geodetic institute. My wife Kinga is doctor on the Agriculture Academy in Warsaw. She is biology. We have two children. Son Kamil is 17 years old, and daughter Helena is 16 years old. Both are learning in the middle school.

I was more time in Muenchen. I can speak better german like english. Spdchst Du deutsch? lch glaube, dass 4 Jahre in Deutschland reicht, um gut deutsch zu sprechen.

lch war 4 mal Stipendiat in Bayerisches Landesvermessungsamt in Muenchen. Letzte 3 Sommerfeden haben wir mit Familie in Bayedschen Alpen verbracht. Sorry for mistakes.

Please keep in touch!

Your Andrzej Pachuta


Email from Andrzej Pachuta on October 16, 2000
Halloo Jack,

Thank you for a letter about Pachutas. It is a good Idea about this Internet site. I have a cousin in Bochnia. He made the our family tree from 1850. I will send this tree next time. (He have not the e-mail). We had in 1999 the Pachutas meeting in Bochnia. There was 50 Persons from Poland and Czech Republic. It was very fine.

Best regards

Email from Andrzej Pachuta on October 19, 2000
Dear Jack,

It is very nice, that you have find time for Pachutas family and Now polish part of Pachutas family will sent you the information about our history. I have send your internet address to Pachutas in all Poland. Now my son Kamil is a student in the best polish Economy Academy in Warsaw. My daughter Helena have this year abitur. She want to study on the Technical University since next October.

Best regards
Your perhaps cousin from Warsaw Andrzej

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