Mikulas Mihalisin
Email from Mikulas Mihalisin - July 7, 2003

Dear Mr. Jack Pachuta

My name is Mikulas Mihalisin and I m from Vranov n/Toplou-Slovakia. My mother is from Kamenna Poruba and when she was single her name was Anna Bartkova. Her father Mr. Michal Bartko and my grand father was a relative to Mr. Pavol Pachuta which use to visit him in Kamenna Poruba about 15 years ago when I was a kid. I'm 29 years old and now I m in New York-Queens for vacation until October. I was working for a last four years on a cruise ship as a waiter for Royal Caribbean company.

I'm writing you, because I do have a copy of a news papers where you write about Kamenna Poruba. Very interesting.

Back home I use to write about a cruise ship and about America for a domestic news papers called -Vranovske Noviny-(Vranov news) If its any chance I would like to practice English and write for News Graphic about people for example.

Yours truly Mikulas Mihalisin

Email from Mikulas Mihalisin - August 10, 2003


Thank you for email, I didn't expect that and here are some pictures I wanted to send it to you. I'm on the big picture with a glasses as a waiter on the Premier cruise line which bankrupt in 2000, since than I was working for Royal Caribbean.

On the other picture is my grand father Michal Bartko with his cousin Paul Pachuta. That picture was made in Kamenna Poruba long time ago late '80s. Mrs Anna Bartkova is on very right in a blue suit she is Mr. Michal Bartko wife. Two girls in the white shirts are my cousins: Monika and Mariana Bartkova. On the third picture I think you know them is Paul Pachuta with his wife in Stormville NY.

Well have a great time Jack and talk to you later.

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