Katarzyna Pachuta
Pachuta Data Form completed on March 12, 2003
Name:       Katarzyna Pachuta

Address:    ul.Popka 14  32-700
                  Bochnia,  Poland

Phone:       (0-48) 14 61-247-99

Fax:           (0-48) 14 61-167-73

Email:       pachuta@poczta.onet.pl

Can trace back heritage to 1800 - 1840
Contact:    Yes
Born:         Bochnia, Poland  -  January 6, 1989

Parents:  My mother is a medicine doctor, her name is Teresa. My father is a engineer, his name is Ryszard. I have got a sister. She is 19, her name is Anna.

Relatives: In 1999 we made invited about 80 people who call Pachuta. There were people from Poland, Czech Republic and Germany.

Email Katarzyna

Email Katarzyna


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