Michael J. Pacuta
Email from Mike Pacuta on January 25, 2002

Thanks for your interest.   Our family is of Polish origin.  My grandfather, Mike (Michal) Pacuta, was born on August 4, 1898 in Jaroslaw, Poland.  He was one of six brothers born to Michal Pacuta and Maria Pacuta (born Chodan).

My grandfather came to Canada, along with my grandmother, Anna (born Laguniak), and my father John (Jan), in December 1948, arriving in Halifax, Nova Scotia via the RMS Samaria.  Their eldest child, my aunt Monique (Wladyslawa), had already arrived in Canada after marrying an American serviceman (Eldon Barnes).  The family lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba from 1948 to 1950 and re-located to Windsor, Ontario in 1950.

My grandfather passed away in 1969; my grandmother in 1995.

I hope this is of interest to you.  Even if we are not related, it was nice to exchange this dialogue with you.  My home e-mail is pacuta@mnsi.net.  My parents, John and Pat Pacuta, can be reached at popey@sympatico.ca.


Mike Pacuta.


Email from Mike Pacuta on January 25, 2002

Sure, you can post my e-mail on your site.  For an e-mail address contact, please use my home address at pacuta@mnsi.net.

We have never, not in Poland nor in Canada, spelled our name "Pachuta".  It has always been shown as "Pacuta" even on old documentation from Poland.  If you could, for accuracy purposes, please refer to it on your site as we spell it.

Good luck in your search endeavours.

Dzien Dobry (Good Day, in Polish),


Pachuta Data Form completed on January 25, 2002
Name:       Michael J. Pacuta
Spouse:     Bonnie Pacuta

Address:    584 Brighton Road, St. Clair Beach, Ontario, Canada N8N 2L6
Phone:      (519) 735-8366 (H); (519) 251-4823 (W)
Fax:           (519) 944-7748 (W)

Email:       pacuta@mnsi

Can trace back heritage to Poland: 1841 - 1800
Contact:    Yes
Born:         Windsor, Ontario, Canada - September 5, 1963

Relatives located in: My aunt lives with her husband in San Diego.  Her daughter, my cousin, lives just outside of San Diego.  My aunt's eldest daughter lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Parents:  My great-grandfather was Michal Pacuta, born in Jaroslaw, Poland in 1863.  He was married to my great-grandmother, Maria (born Chodan) and they had six sons, one of whom was my grandfather, Michal (Mike), born on August 4, 1898 in Jaroslaw, Poland.  During the 1920's, in search of work as a skilled tradesman, Mike moved to northern France where a large Polish community was located and where there were jobs in his trade.  He met my grandmother Anna (born Laguniak) there and they were married in the mid-1920's.  Mu aunt Monique (Wladyslawa) and my father John (Jan) were born in Valenciennes, France but were never French citizens as, in those days foreigners and children of foreigners in France had to apply for citizenship, my grandfather was determined to move back to Poland with the family and settle on the 117 acres of land that he had purchased in Jarolsaw.  Unfortunately, WWII intervened and there was nothing left in Poland to go back to so my grandparents and my father followed my aunt and her husband, Eldon Barnes an American serviceman, to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  My grandparents and my father left LeHarve, France on November 26, 1948 and arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia on December 3, 1948.  They soon joined my aunt and uncle, and my grandmother's brother and his family, in Winnipeg and stayed there for two years.  In 1950, the family moved to Windsor, Ontario, where we still reside today.  My grandfather passed away on October 29, 1969 and my grandmother passed away on April 21, 1995.  My parents, John and Pat (born Dobson) Pacuta were married in Windsor, Ontario on April 8, 1961.  I have a brother and a sister, we were all born in Windsor, Ontario and we are all married.  I was born on September 5, 1963 and am married to Bonnie (born Odell).  My brother Mark was born on August 3, 1966 and is married to Claudia (born deLiberato).  My sister Tricia was born on February 22, 1972 and is married to Mark Masanovich.

Children:  As noted above, I am married to Bonnie (born Odell).  We have three children - John, born January 18, 1988; Katharine, born April 12, 1991; and James, born December 19, 1992.

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