These Pachutas from New Jersey, New York and North Carolina
have contacted The Pachuta Page.

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New Jersey

Rich Pachuta - Rich is the first cousin of Chris's father and, therefore, a cousin of mine.

Edward Pachuta - Ed is another Pachuta cousin from New Jersey.

Carol Slocum - Carol is married to Tom Pachuta, the first cousin of Maria Pachutova in Davidov, Slovakia. Maria had been looking for the sons of her Uncle Augustine who lived in Trenton. She found them because of this website.

Jennifer Pachuta - Her grandfather was Augustine Pachuta.



New York

Chris Pachuta - Chris and I are cousins. My great grandfather is also his great-great grandfather, Pavel Pachuta. We managed to make connections when I was in New York.

Deborah Kay Pachuta - Deborah Kay's father was adopted by Pachutas in Cleveland, Ohio.


Paul D. Pachuta - Paul is Chris's father, and the son of Paul Pachuta, the glass cutter.



North Carolina

Stephen M. Pachuta II - He was born in Beckley, West Virginia.