These Pachutas from Ohio have contacted The Pachuta Page.

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Mel Pachuta - Mel's father was baptized in Homestead, PA. Mel was born in Youngstown, Ohio.

John Michael Pachuta - John was born in Canton, Ohio.


Mike Pachuta - Mike's father was born in Prague. He had an Uncle Gus who lived in Trenton, NJ.


Raymond T. Pachuta, Sr. - Ray is looking for his half-brother, Ernie.  SUCCESS - Ernie's daughter, Vicki Marie Pachuta (Indiana), contacted Ray.


Tom Pachuta - Tom is my brother. Ask him what it's like to be in the Goodyear blimp.


Vivian Pachuta Daye - Vivian would like to find the other Vivian Pachuta who attended West Virginia University.


Craig Blasko - Craig is Ed Gavala's cousin. His family is from Trail Run.


Ed Gavala - Ed is also from Trail Run. We have the same great-great-grandparents.


Julie Minarchek Wills - Julie is my first cousin and Rose Mary Fry's (Texas) sister.


Marge Fiocca - Marge is the daughter of my Godparents. Her grandmother and my grandmother were sisters.