The Rusyn Link in Our Heritage
Email from Michael Sura - August 15, 2002

Dear Mr. Pachuta,

I am genealogist and I live in town Kosice, Slovakia. I have seen your web page, I study Rusyn history and I want to say, that your ancestors are not Slovaks at all! Your ancestors were Rusyns and greek-catholics, I do not know if you know what does it mean word Rusyn, so I want to say that Rusyns are small nation, who live in area of north-east Slovakia. Davidov, Kamenna Poruba are Rusyn villages, apart from I found only a few Rusyn words used in their language, but people there spoke Rusyn dialect about 200 years ago. I am Rusyn and greek-catholic, the same Rusyn like your ancestors from Davidov. I still speak Rusyn, because I was born in Rusyn village Kolonica, several miles east of town Snina. Please do not forget that you are Rusyn and not Slovak. 80% of "Slovaks" in America are Rusyns, but there is only a few people in USA, who would explain them about their real herritage. Please try become a member of Carpatho-Rusyn society in Pittsburgh, we need every Rusyn "hand" and "leg" to our society, yes, I am member of this society.

I am genealogist and I am doing genealogical research in Slovakia for a fee. I provide ancestral photography service /digital and "classic" ways of photography/, finding people service, travel and archive guide service, interpreter service, etc., so if you know somebody who need my assistance, pass him/her my e-address. I want to say that "hiccup" over your "c" letter is called makcen in Slovak, Slovaks have special "a" with two points over a in word makcen, but this letter is not used in English...

Here your are link to Carpatho-Rusyn society:, write to any executive member

Tell him that I contacted you and explain you about your herritage.

God bless you!

Michael Sura - genealogist, Kosice, Slovakia

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