These Pachutas from Pennsylvania have contacted The Pachuta Page.

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Darcia Christine Pachuta -  Darcia is looking for her uncles and aunt, and a grandmother in Florida. Her father is Michael Paul Pachuta.


Jane Pachuta - Jane's looking for information about her grandfather, Joseph Pachuta, who may have died around 1918.


John Michael Pachuta - John's grandfather was also from Davidov in Slovakia.


Mike Pachuta - Mike's family traces its origins to Russia. He has relatives named Slivka.


Paul Pachuta - He and his father will tell us about the Pachutas of Pittsburgh.


Theresa Pachuta - Theresa lives in West Homestead and wonders if we're related.


Joan M. Pipich - Joan is looking for her grandmother-in-law, Anna Pacutova of Davidov, Slovakia.

Ann Marie Pachuta Walter - Her grandfather, Michael Pachuta, was involved in unionizing miners in Pennsylvania.