Tom Pachuta

My brother Tom and I are baseball fans. So, last year, when the Pittsburgh Pirates had a "turn back the clock" day, the two of us were there along with Tom's son, Stephen. This picture can never be staged again - it's Tom and Stephen by the Roberto Clemente statue at Three Rivers Stadium, now a pile of landfill in the Monongahela River.

A highlight of the day - seeing the 1960 World Champion Pirates including Bill Mazeroski. In fact, we were all presented with Maz bobble-head dolls as we entered the stadium. Now that Maz is in the Hall of Fame, we may be able to make a killing by selling them on the Internet (he said tongue firmly implanted in cheek).

One of my contributions to Cedarburg every year is to organize the Fourth of July parade. This year, my brother's family was visiting us, so Tom "volunteered" to help. As the last unit in the parade, we rode in an old pick-up truck and snowplow being restored by my friend (and parade volunteer) Bob Dyble. 

I'm the one in the white baseball cap. Behind me is Barry Eigen. Jeff Quade is wearing the blue shark cap. George Hage has the other white beard. Tom is on this side of the truck smiling (I don't know why). Pete Hulka is on the tailgate. 

The parade has grown over the years and now lasts about an hour and a half with 85 units. This year, the police estimated the crowd to be over 10,000, some of whom mapped out their places on the sidewalk three days in advance.

The Pachuta cousins also enjoyed the day. Sitting on the curb in front of The Cedarburg Coffee Pot were Tom's son Stephen and daughter Shannon, my daughter Abigail, Tom's son Sean, and my daughter Emma.


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