Vivian Pachuta Daye
Pachuta Data Form completed on October 28, 2000
Name:       Vivian Pachuta Daye
Spouse:     Thomas Daye

Address:    Ohio


Can trace back heritage to 1881 - 1900
Country of origin:
Contact:    Yes
Born:         West Virginia  -  July 26, 1940

Relatives located in W.Va, Penn, Michigan, and possibly Calif. and New York.

Parents:  My parents were Frank and Kathleen (Christie) Pachuta. They had two children: Vivian L. Pachuta and Frances A. Pachuta. My grandparents were Joseph - (Born 1888 in Monok, Austria-Hungary) and Marta (Zoldi) Pachuta. They had three children: Joe, Frank, and Anna. Joe's brother Stephen, came to Baxter, W.Va. before him to work in the coal mines. He was married to Maria Kohl. They also had a sister named Mary, and Evelyn who was married to Thomas Toth. My great grandparents were Stephen and Theressa, of Hungary.

Children:  I have two children: Mark and Melissa Daye. My husband and I are both retired teachers.

Questions:  I know there is another Vivian Pachuta who attended W.Va Univ. I would like to know more about her. I also would like to hear from more of my relatives and fill in some missing pieces.

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