Mike Pachuta
Email from Mike Pachuta - October 12, 2000

This is Michael Paul Pachuta. I was Born in Columbus,Ohio 1955. I would like to find out more about my roots if possible. I don't have a lot of info, but do have some. I don't know if you or our Pachuta family can help.

My father Richard (Dick) Osborne aki (I believe was also Michael Pachuta). He died Heart attack when I was 15. So adult wise (things) I don't know a lot. From what I understand or remember He was Born in Prague or around there 1898 or 1918. Not sure, these were todates that I remember being mentioned. I believe his birthday may have been first part of December(5).

He has or had a brother Gus who lived in Trenton, New Jersey in 1971 when My father died in 1971. Gus came to our home for the funeral, in Columbus Ohio. I believe his mother and father lived and died in the old country. I believe outside Prague? Joseph may have been his name. I have old photo of them. I seem to remember hearing they were 103 and 109 when they died.

What if anything can our family help with finding out more. This can be posted on your site letters. One other thing, any info about Pachuta Mississippi. It is between Laurel and Merdian Miss.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing back from you or any others

Michael Paul Pachuta

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