Mike Pachuta
Email from Mike Pachuta on January 16, 2001
Hey Jack..I got this nifty postcard in the mail stating about your page..So i went to it..I of course being a Pachuta myself was curious..I am but a young lad of 21.. Not a kid anymore but young nevertheless..I hail from a small town in Pennsylvania in the Northeast..I live near a city (or so it's called) named Scranton..If you ever heard of it..I am writing you because i thought i might offer my existance to you and others to possibly clear up some family finding or something of the likeness.. I would like to know more about my "Pachutaness" as well..I don't know much or have much to offer as of now..The only other person i can consort with about this is my father and he doesn't know that much more than i do..The only thing i know about my name is that it's Russian..That is how clueless i am of the name.. Oh and that i had a relative with the last name Slivka..My grandfather who would know alot more has been gone for 2 years now..If you have any tips or tricks of any sort to help me out in finding more roots as you are trying to do i would appreciate it..Like where to start and/or what to do..Something like that..You have got me curious now about the name and all..If i find any more out i will be sure to share it with you..

MiKe Pachuta..

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