Darcia Christine Pachuta
Pachuta Data Form completed on July 1, 2002
Name:       Darcia Christine Pachuta

Address:    48 Fallbrook, Upstairs Apt., Carbondale, Pa 18407

Email:      doubled@mwisp.net

Can trace back heritage to Slovakia: 1941 - 1960
Contact:    Yes
Born:         Cleveland, OH  -  July 12, 1978

Relatives located in Ohio, Florida (?)

Parents: My father is Michael Paul Pachuta.

Relatives I have 2 uncles Eric and Joseph Pachuta and and aunt I can't remember her name I was too young to remember her.

Questions:  I would like to try to find my family history on my father's side.  I have no knowledge of them except for having 2 uncles and 1 aunt and possibly a grandmother in Florida.

If you have any knowledge of a family from Ohio with the description of 3 boys (Joseph, Michael and Eric) and 1 daughter (possibly Diane) please send me any information about them. I would really like to try and find and meet some of my relatives.


Email from Darcia Pachuta on August 19, 2002
Dear Jack,
I would like to thank you for having this page on the intenet.  Thanks to you I have found my father.  It has been 7 yrs this month since I have seen or spoken to him.  Through your page I saw a name that looked familiar and I took a chance and emailed the gentleman, and low and behold he was my father and has been looking for me these past years.  I could never repay you for having this site and making this possible.  Especially since he is now living on the west coast and I am living on the east coast.  I will forever keep you in my prayers.  Again thank you.  From one Pachuta to another.


You've made my day - week - month - year. I'm so glad I was involved in helping you find your father. May I post this on The Pachuta Page?

Email from Darcia Pachuta on August 20, 2002
Dear Jack

I would be nothing but proud to have you post this on your site.  And again I would love to thank you.  This has been a dream come true.  The only thing that could be better would be to see him again.  But unfortunately neither one of us can afford it. So for now I guess just talking will have to do.  Thank you.  May you have a blessed day.


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