Deborah Kay Pachuta
Pachuta Data Form completed on October 13, 2000
Name:       Deborah Kay Pachuta
Spouse:     Philip Roness

Address:    76-Bay 7 Street, Brooklyn, NY 11228
Phone:      718 621 1152


Can trace back heritage to 1881 - 1900
Contact:    Yes
Born:          Brooklyn, NY  -  September 11, 1966

Relatives located in New York and Pennsylvania

Parents:  My father was adopted by the Pachutas in Cleveland, Ohio. I really don't know much more. My grandparents died before I was born. My dad passed away 13 years ago.

Children:  I am currently expecting my first child on the 23rd of October. My brother Michael Pachuta has a 17 year old son his e-mail is My sister Joyce Pachuta also resides in Brooklyn. She has 3 children.

Questions:  What nationality is Pachuta?

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