Chris Pachuta
Email from Chris Pachuta on October 16, 2000
Good god you have been busy with the Pachuta's!!! WOW!!

Can't wait to dive into that very informative looking Pachuta page. Right now i am fully involved with my studies. I need to get a certain certification from Microsoft before the year is up, so i am working my tail
off study wise. I will sit down next weekend and take a break and write Mike an email and maybe even finally see my Teta Anna (our Pachuta matriarch) that i have been telling you about.

Hope all is well.

Speak to you soon.



Email from Chris Pachuta on January 14, 2001
Hey Jack,

Happy belated Holidays.How are things with you guys? Hope all is well with your family and work.

Forgive me for not emailing lately. I have been very busy with my studies. I am studying for a very high level Microsoft certification and it appears that it's just the tip of the iceberg. Thanks to Microsoft, they gave us all a reprieve in our studies by delaying the deadline for our tests by two months (feb 2001). woo hoo. That meant that i could have a christmas, albeit a short one. So, two days before christmas i went shopping. hahaha Better late than ever i guess. And then i left for Toronto for a planned visit with my wife's family. We had a wonderful time.

Also, since December i have been somewhat unemployed. My dot com company went out of business. But i have taken over my company's client list and am keeping very busy doing freelance work while studying for my certs. Gratefully i was in high standing with the company higher-ups and have a lot of experience to look for a much better job. I will start the search for a new job very soon.

As for your website, I like what you have done with it. Really amazing on both the Pachuta end and your own. I see you put a demo movie of your lectures. I wish you would put more up on other topics. For me i have been a bit shy with audiences (under statement hehe, and yet i am an extrovert) and to see another Pachuta so open with people, well, its refreshing.

I received an email from Rose Mary Minarchek Fry and it shows that she is your first cousin. I have placed the email we are sending back and forth below. I had asked her if she knew who started/created the Pachuta family reunion many years ago and would ask you the same question. I would love to attend another one. Any plans in the works from anyone?

Well, back to my studies. Speak to you soon.



Email from Chris Pachuta on September 26, 2002
Funny thing today. A FedEx guy dropped off a package today and asked if I was related to Mike Pachuta. I also believe he mentioned that Mike lived in NJ. I have a feeling that this is the Mike also listed on your website that lives in NJ. I thought you might get a kick out of this "Pachuta" sighting. ha-ha


I was also looking through my emails and found to my dismay that I did not send you a picture from last Christmas. So here it goes, from left to right; My dad's brother Eddie Pachuta (CPA), my brother Johnny Pachuta, Lindsey Pachuta (star softball player and Eddie's daughter), Heather Pachuta (getting married this Nov, also Eddie's daughter), my pop Paul Pachuta, my beautiful wife Cecilia, me and Danny Pachuta (Eddie's only son).
How are things? I hope all is well with you and your family.
Christopher Pachuta

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