Steve Pachuta
Email from Steve Pachuta - October 12, 2000
Dear Jack,

Thanks for writing. I have seen your name frequently on the web. I had an uncle Jack (he passed away about 20 years ago), so I always blink when I come across your name.

I found your page really interesting (never thought there'd be a'll have to send this address to my father). I will write with more detail on my family in the next week or so. I think your kids, particularly your younger daughter, look a lot like my kids, but I'll ask my wife what she thinks.

Briefly, my grandfather was John Pachuta, born in Budapest of Slovak ancestry. He and his sister Anna came to the U.S. together somewhere around 1900. He worked in the coal mines in Pennsylvania but at some point became a shoe repairman in Trenton, New Jersey, and opened his own shop. He married Mary Hanusofsky (not sure if the spelling is correct, but I have this information in my files). My grandmother, Mary, was also Slovak and was born in Slovakia, but I do not know the name of the town. They had seven (?) children, the youngest of whom was my father, Bernard. I was born in New Jersey but only lived there five years due to my father getting transferred often as part of his job with General Motors. I work for 3M as an analytical chemist and live in a suburb of Minneapolis.

I'll fill out this story a bit more when I get a chance.

Take care,


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