Rose Mariniak Mulville
Pachuta Data Form completed on January 9, 2001
Name:       Rose Mariniak Mulville
Spouse:     Daniel Mulville

Address:    200 Church St. NE, Vienna VA 22180


Can trace back heritage to  Slovakia  1841 - 1880
Contact:    Yes
Born:         Hopewell, VA  -  July 31, 1941

Relatives located in Pennsylvania

Parents:  My Grandmother's name was Mary Pachuta, born Aug. 21, 1879,in the village of Davidov, Slovakia. She married Paul Mariniak about 1899 prob. in Mount Carmel, PA Her brother Michael Pachuta married her husband's sister Anna Mariniak. Mary was the daughter of Michael Pachuta and Mary Litwin. I do not believe they ever came to the States but her brothers John and Andrew Pachuta lived in Hopewell,VA for a while and then returned to Davidov.

Questions:  Has anyone visited Davidov or does anyone have a contact with the Pachuta family there? Do I have the names of Mary Pachuta's parents correct?

Email from Rose Mulville on February 11, 2001

I have searched my records and can find no evidence of a Paul Pachuta.  I don't know how we are related but my relatives were born and lived in Davidov so we are surely related somehow.  I was in Salt Lake a few years ago and copied as many records as I could find on the Pachutas.  My great-grandfathers name was Michael Pachuta.  He married Mary Litvin about 1865.  I have all the children's baptismal records and found them in the 1869 census in Davidvegas.  All the records at that time as you may know were in Hungarian.  I spend most of my time trying to translate.

When my grandmother, Mary Pachuta Mariniak (daug. of Michael Pachuta and Mary Litvin) died in 1948 the obit said that she had two brothers, John and Andrew,  who had lived in Hopewell, VA but had returned to Czech.  I recall as a child my father and aunts sending care packages to relatives in Czech.

Names, such as Lesko and Halco stick in my mind and my cousins also remember those names.  It would be interesting to see if there are any Pachutas left in the village.  I'm afraid I don't have much else to give you.  If you do get there I would be interested in any pictures you take and how you travel to the village.  Are you renting a car or going by train etc.? Where do you plan to stay?  Do you still have relatives there?  So many questions ... sorry.  I wish I were going and do plan on going before I die.

Through your web site, I am in touch with a second cousin, Mary Susan Pachuta.  Her grandfather and my grandmother were brother and sister.  She herself is not the genealogist.  Her sister and brother are more interested but they have not responded to me yet.  They may have some information about Davidov.  I will anxiously wait to hear from you after your trip.  Have a safe journey and good luck.


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