Rose Mary Minarchek Fry
Email from Rose Mary Fry on January 14, 2001
Dear Jack,

I saw your Mom and Aunt Toots while I was in Ohio over the holidays. Andrew and I went up for a week after we celebrated Christmas at home with Bill. Your mom seemed to be doing ok although she was having trouble with her hearing. Stayed overnight with Toots; we got to talking about family history. I'm going to try to research Grandpa's passport/military book for her - there is probably a translator here in San Antonio.

Found your website interesting with the family history - I wrote a note to Chris Pachuta since Aunt Toots said you met him. I had bought a copy of the Immigrant Cocoon - both the Pachuta's and my Uncle John and Aunt Mary Minarchek are mentioned in it.

Hope you are doing well. If your work ever brings you to San Antonio, give me a call. 0ur phone number is (210) 493-5170.

Rose Mary

Hello to Renira and the girls.


Pachuta Data Form completed on January 26, 2001
Name:       Rose Mary Minarchek Fry
Spouse:     William G. Fry

Address:    36 Spring Lake Drive, San Antonio, TX 78248
Phone:      (210) 493-5170


Can trace back heritage to 1841 - 1880  Slovakia
Contact:    Yes
Born:         Cambridge, Ohio - October 14, 1949

Relatives located in Ohio, Texas, Oregon, Virginia, West Virginia

Parents:  My Dad's name was Michael Joseph Minarchek and my Mom's name was Ann Pachuta. Mom's parents were John and Julie Pachuta from Black Top, Ohio. That is near Cambridge. My grandparents both came to the United States from Slovakia and their village was in East Slovakia, near Russia. My Dad's side of the family was also Slovak. Both my parents are now deceased; my six brothers and sisters live in Ohio with their families. Several of my Mom's brothers and a sister are alive; Joseph Pachuta in Canton, Ohio, Andrew Pachuta in New Concord, Ohio, and my aunt Julia Pachuta in Black Top, Ohio.

Children:  William and I have one son, Andrew Fry. Andrew is thirteen years old and a seventh grader. Bill also has three children from his first marriage. All are married and live in Michigan and Hawaii.

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Email Rose Mary


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