New York City meeting

Chris, Cecilia, Renira and me in front of the University Club in New York City.

While surfing the net, I noticed that a Cecilia Pachuta works for DeVry in New York City. Since DeVry and the Keller Graduate School of Management (where I'm a senior faculty member) are part of the same organization, I emailed Cecilia to determine if we were related. I knew that my grandfather's brother had settled in New York, and I thought Cecilia might be a cousin. I was half right.

Cecilia is married to Chris Pachuta who is indeed a cousin of mine. Our common ancestor is Pavel Pachuta - his great-great grandfather and my great grandfather. I had met Chris's grandfather, Paul, at a Pachuta family reunion in 1991. Paul was a glass cutter who did extremely well for himself. Chris tells me that one of his clients was Donald Trump. Paul died a few years ago.

Chris, Cecilia, Renira and I met at the University Club on 53rd St. and 5th Avenue in Manhattan. We spent a few hours together and filled in some blocks on the family tree.


In July of this year, Chris and Cecilia were visited by the Minarchek branch of the family. From the left are my cousin Mike's wife, Cary, Chris and Cecilia, and my cousins Rose Mary, Carol and Mary. Chris and Cecilia are fine after the terrorist attack on New York City. But, will any of us really be the same again? 


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