Col. Mike Pachuta
Email from Col. Mike Pachuta - October 13, 2000

My name is Michael A. (Mike) Pachuta. I'm 45-years old and have been in the Air Force 23-years. I'm currently assigned at Randolph AFB in San Antonio, Texas. My father's family emigrated from Prague, Czechoslovakia in the early 1900s and settled in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My father was a career
Marine and I grew up on Marine Corps bases in Virginia, North Carolina and Hawaii. I graduated from Virginia Tech in 1977 and entered the Air Force that same year. When I'm not traveling around the world with the Air Force, I call Fairfax, Virginia home. Oddly enough, there is another Michael A. Pachuta (not related) who lives about a half mile from our home in Fairfax. My wife of 22-years is named Mary Ellen and we have two sons. Andrew, 20, is a junior at Virginia Tech. Tom, 18, is a freshman at George Mason University. I have three sisters, Nancy, Linda and Theresa, all married with different last names.

If you get time, send me a return e-mail describing your "Pachuta heritage" and any other interesting info you've gathered from other Pachutas.

p.s. Have you ever visited Pachuta, Mississippi?

(Note: Mike's complete vita is available on an Air Force website.)

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