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Email from Mary Susan Pachuta on October 15, 2000
Hi.......cousin????? How interesting! My neice, Suzanne Pachuta, e-mailed me with information about you and your site - seems you contacted my brother, John, in Tucson, AZ! Not certain whether or not he has had the chance to contact you, but I'll try to give you a thumb-nail sketch of "our" branch and then fill in any details I can after I hear from you re: having heard from my brother, etc.

My name is Mary Susan Pachuta, d.o.b.: 03 April 1947. Siblings: Ann Louise (08 Feb. 44), John Andrew (05 July, 50), and Kathryn Marie (10 May 60).

My dad, ANDREW PACHUTA was born in Mt. Carmel, PA on 09 March, 1916 and is still living in Jenkintown, PA.

His Dad, Michael, immigrated to the US (from what was then Hungary, I believe), and married Anna Minirak (sp?); worked the coal mines in the Mt. Carmel/Shamokin/Centralia, PA area; had six sons and two daughters (not sure of their birthdays, but I believe the birth order to be: Michael ( a pharmacists), John (drug company rep.), Joseph (aeronautic engineer!), Anna (nurse), George (jack-of-all-trades), Andrew (pharmacist), Mary (navy nurse), Stephen (worked for the state, I believe). I believe he (my grandfather) died in 1955 (?) - I have fond memories of him, and remember where we were living when he died, but could be off a year (early) or two (late). My dad is the sole surviving member.

I have retained my maiden name, my children (31 & 24) do not share it. My brother has two daughters (21 & 23) and no sons. My sisters have not retained "Pachuta" and have one (Ann's son is 32) and two (Kate's sons are 7 & 4 this year) children. I think I remember my older sister doing some work on the "family tree", and she will probably be better able to help you reconstruct our branch. I haven't got her e-mail address, but perhaps my brother will have it. Also - if I ever unpack completely (we've just moved to Kansas from PA!), I may just uncover some more information. I do believe she would be your best resource, though, since she's "into" that (thankfully) and may even have additional information for you.

As far as I know, Uncle Joe's son, Joe, Jr. , is living in California (in his 70's now); Uncle Mike's children (boy & girl) are pharmacists in Maryland? Uncle John's daughter lives in suburban Washington, DC. Neither George nor Anna had children. Aunt Mary's daughter (only child) is in California (?) and Uncle Stephen's children are still in PA (Chester county?).

Wish I could be of more help. I do know that there is a Jack and Joan Pachuta in Lansdale, PA. This town was close to the town in which I lived (Doylestown) and I saw their names from time to time.

Thank you for this web page! I'll keep it in my favorites, and check and add to it as I can. Be well, s.

p.s. - one thing that has always been fun in our family is that my dad has always had dark brown hair, and tons of it! It's just now going grey - and he's 84! His dad was grey - it was his mom who had dark brown hair all her life (till 74 or 76 years old!). She looked remarkably like the "Grandma" character in the sunday funnies - do you remember that comic strip? Always pulled her hair straight back and always wore an apron; thin and angular! At 53, I'm just starting with some grey here and there, have a ton of STRAIGHT hair, and resemble my dad and grandmother in their long and angular frame. I'll study your photo to see what I can "see"! Thanks again!. s.


Email from Mary Susan Pachuta on January 9, 2001
Hi, Jack! Happy New Year - I hope your holidays were peaceful and enjoyable. It's been several months since last I wrote you (October 15th!) but have been trying to set aside time to follow up on this adventure, honestly!

Then what to my wondering eyes should appear, but an e-mail from a second cousin in Virginia who saw and read my message on your web site!

How about it???!! SO - I've printed out your site, my initial e-mail, and her e-mail to me and I'm sending it all to my parents in PA. They are in touch with my older sister much more frequently than I and (she lives just near them), and I know having this information to read is much more logical than my feeble attempts to remember and explain everything!!

This may even get them to use the computers at the library - they are there all the time for books, but are not necessarily motivated (interesting word, eh?!) to become cybernauts, though I think they would enjoy it. Andrew and Evelyn from Jenkintown, PA - you may be hearing from them!

Many thanks, again, for the time and effort you have given to this project. I will be contacting Rose (my 2nd cousin) and we'll let you know how things go, ok? Be well!


p.s.: Your sweet child, Abigail, looks quite a bit like my Uncle Stephen in photos I have of him as a young man (though not like his children as I remember) and, interestingly, like my brother, John's youngest daughter (though Lauren has my brother's curly hair!).


Email from Mary Susan Pachuta on February 11, 2001

Hi, Jack!  So nice to hear from you!

I waited till now to write you because I wanted to talk with my parents (in case they had any information for you).  Since my Mother's birthday was yesterday (79!), I gave them a call.  Thankfully they are well, but neither of them had any information for me to send to you.  My mother remembered one of my father's nieces trying to find something when she visited Europe many years ago.  Obviously a great deal of information has been researched and found (thanks, again to you!) since then, but they knew only of her unsuccessful attempts. 

I think your best bet is contacting my sister, Ann.  I don't think she has e-mail (at least I've never known her to use it), but contacting her by snail mail might work.  I asked my parents to forward the information I sent to them (copies of your site, my letters, your replies) and they said they would.  In addition, I think I'll write her with your request.  May I tell her you will contact her also?  Personally, I think that's a good idea as she might respond more readily to you directly, yes?  But either way, I hope she'll be able to help. 

Since she and her husband have done the only true research in our family, she just might have some good information for you! I'm excited to learn of your trip!  Stay well and take good care.  I'll be back in touch when (if) I hear anything, ok?  think spring......(^:  s.


Email from Mary Susan Pachuta on February 12, 2001

Sounds good! I also heard from the Pachuta connection in Vienna VA re: your trip. I haven't written back yet (received it on Saturday!), but we continue to surprise one another with the connections that have been made! She asked me if I knew an Ann Marie Pachuta! Heavens, she's my uncle John's only child and I have fond memories of visiting her when we visited Grandmom in Mt. Carmel. Small world, yes? On lunch break - gotta get back to classes! Be well, Jack! s.

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