Linda Pachuta Zingg
Website Guest Form completed on October 25, 2000
Name:       Linda Pachuta Zingg

Address:    Global One
                  12490 Sunrise Valley Drive
                 Mailstop VARESA0224
                 Reston, VA 20196


Our family name is Pachuta (after being changed twice by my father's parents after arriving in the U.S. from Czechoslovakia). My brother found your website and thought the rest of our family would enjoy seeing what another "Pachuta" is up to. It's interesting that  you deal with change management... my job is to re-engineer order entry and  provisioning processes for a Global telecommunications company. Talk about a "change management" challenge!

Email from Linda Pachuta Zingg on October 26, 2000

No problem at all with posting my info on your page. Actually, I checked out the "Pachuta Page" and even sent an email to Paul Pachuta of the "Pittsburgh" Pachutas....unfortunately, the email was rejected ..... his email ID is no longer valid. It's unfortunate, because we are also "Pittsburgh" Pachutas, and I was very interested in getting more info from Paul and his father.

My brother, Col. Michael A. Pachuta, has posted a message to the Pachuta site, as well, and has spent some time in Pachuta, Mississippi, so you have something else in common!

Best Regards,


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