Joseph and Sonya Kolasky
Email from Joseph and Sonya Kolasky on January 5, 2002

My name is Joseph B. Kolasky.  I live in Prattville Alabama, I am excited to find information that links with my family tree.  Looking through the web, I came across the Pachuta family tree site, and found links that I did not know.

My father is John F. Kolasky JR, I have one brother John Kolasky III; his son John Michael Kolasky.  My Grandfather John Kolasky SR married Lois Patterson in Montgomery Alabama.  They had 3 sons, John (my father), Andrew (my uncle), and Jimmy (my uncle), and 1 daughter, Theresa Kolasky (Jackson), my aunt, and Alisa whom died at birth. 

My Great Grandfather was Andrew Kolasky, married to Mary Homa. He had 3 brothers, John Kolackovsky (killed in a mine at the age of 14),  Joseph Kolackovsky and Paul Kolasky, and 4 sisters, Mary (Ambro), Elizabeth (Kovalcik), Julia (Pachuta), and Barbara (Liptak).  Their father Paul Kolackovsky married Elizabeth.  Paul had 1 brother, Peter, and 2 sisters Julia and Mary (Minarcik).  Their father and mother Peter Kolackovsky and Mary.  Elizabeth (Paul's wife), parents are named Andrew and Mary (Sabol) Sebek.  Their parents are Joseph and Mary Sabol.  

This is as far back that I can trace of my family history, I have a family tree with your family's name that continues to the Pachuta family tree.  Mary Lou and George Batcho and kids, and Barbara and Edward Mankowski and kids, Paula and Thomas Billick, and kids, Andrew, James and Carol Tomsho, Rita and Joseph Valko and kids, John and Renira Pachuta, and Thomas.

Please contact me in regards to this family tree.  I would be excited to learn more or share more about our family. 

Thank you very much for your research.

Joseph and Sonya Kolasky, and son Joseph Blane Kolasky JR.

Email from Joseph and Sonya Kolasky on January 6, 2002

Dear Pachuta family,

I was really excited to hear back from you.  I have shown my father John Kolasky JR your web site and sent him your e-mail this morning.  We are very excited to have found a link in our family history.  I have been working on my family tree for about 7 years now and with the last name so uncommonly used in the US, it is hard to trace any history.  My grandparents John Kolasky SR and Lois Patterson passed away before I was born so I never met them to be able to ask questions about our family history,  The only information that I have I received from my father and Uncle Andy Kolasky.  They have been in contact with Loretta Hunt in Ohio, this is my grandfather's sister.  She sent me a copy of the family tree that I wrote to you about yesterday.  Your name and my name is included in this family tree.  As far back as it traces, Peter and Mary Kolackovsky, and son Paul and wife Elizabeth Kolackovsky.  Elizabeth traces back to Joseph and Mary Sabol.  I do not know how my great grandfather came to Ohio.  Would love to find out this information.  I have a picture of them and will send it to you as soon as I can scan one at my brothers home on his computer.  I do not have a scanner at this time but you can just contact me here.  I will send photos and names of the family that I have.  I would love to know how you came about your information about Julia Pachuta (Kolasky).  She would be my great grandfather's sister and to find out this information would be wonderful.


Joseph and Sonya Kolasky

P.S.  I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.  This has been one of the greatest gifts I have ever received.

P.S.S.  My wife would like to know what Stastny Novy Rok means.  We both imagine that it is slovak.......

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