Gina Marie Pachuta
Pachuta Data Form completed on July 28, 2002
Name:       Gina Marie Pachuta

Address:    9645 Carousel Circle South, Boca Raton, FL 33434

Can trace back heritage to Czech Republic: 1901 - 1920
Contact:    Yes
Born:         Pittsburgh, PA  -  April 12, 1962

Relatives located in Pennsylvania, Ohio

Parents: My father, George Pachuta, was an employee of Gulf Oil in Pittsburgh, a decorated Homestead Police Officer before World War II, a Bronze Medal recipient for capturing SS officers, and he died when I was a teenager, in 1975.

Relatives Uncle Steve Pachuta lived in Homestead, PA and was a police officer for the Homestead Police Department, he had a wife named Bernice, a German Shepherd named Midnight, and his sons were State Police Officers who were older than I.

Questions:  I would like to know when my father's parents came to this country and where.  I know that he had relatives in Ohio too.

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